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MARCH 2024

In Sofia, Svishtov, Dimitorvgrad, Aytos and Aheloy, we delivered and installed cutting plotters with the SKYJET brand. These super professional machines were chosen by companies such as Renoart, Favo Design, Fabrika Meribisi Elbo Studio and Divex Agency, because of the high pressure of 2000 g, the WI-FI connection with the computer, the built-in LED lighting and the Touch screen.


In the city of Sofia, in the studio of a metropolitan artist, we delivered and installed a NIKA 2030 CO2 laser engraver. The laser has a 40W tube, the size of the working area is 210x350 mm, the Z stroke is 130 mm, internal lighting, a "honeycomb" type tray, lens blowing , red dot and American military industry mirrors and lens !


In Blagoevgrad, we delivered and installed a SMART A3 T-shirt DTG printer. Colleague Nikolay Yovev fromT-shirts Perfect Print BG settled on this model from MR.PLOTTER, because of the excellent print quality and color reproduction. The printer also has white space circulation, self-cleaning mode and automatic focus, easy management through Acro RIP 9.0


In the city of Kyustendil, we delivered and installed a DTF SMART A3 system for printing T-shirts and other textile products. Colleagues from MD Design decided on this model printer with a working area of 330x550 mm, because of the unique heating of the media up to 40C, the built-in vacuum system to hold the material, 2 channels of White (white ink) and the built-in circulation!


In the city of Panagyurishte, in the Happy workshop advertising house, we delivered and installed 4 pcs. machines - CO2 laser engraver with the size of the working area 600x400 mm and 60W power of the laser tube, cutting plotter SKYJET V60, with the size of the working area 1600 mm and 2000 g pressure, UV printer SMART A5, for direct printing on souvenirs and thermal press . We congratulate colleagues George and Nonka!


In the city of Plovdiv, at the production base of the SMART POWER company, we delivered and installed a color fiber laser machine for fast engraving of metal, aluminum plates, wood, glass and plastic. We congratulated the managers Stefan Damyanov and Borislav Bratoev for the excellent choice of a machine from MR.PLOTTER and wish them much more success!

SKYJET V24 и преса в с.Брезе

In the village of Breze, we delivered and installed two mushroomsini. Cutting plotter SKYJET D24 with two heads for simultaneous work (creasing and cutting), with a stand and with the professional software SIGN MASTER., as well as the thermal press VAN 3838 with additional attachments for cups, plates, hats, etc. Miss Monica Courtesy of Vintage Design buy these t-shirt making machines  with foil and sublimation printing.


In the cities of Sofia, Svishtov, Sliven, in Kostinbrod and Sunny Beach, we delivered and installed UV printers with the SMART brand and models A3, A4 and A5. Colleagues from Smart Case BG,  FAVO AD, Express Design, City Case, Fontech, AngelMark and DIANA stores chose these excellent printers from MR.PLOTTER, because of the photographic quality of printing on souvenirs, cases, etc., because of the new focus, circulation and self-cleaning functions of the machines.

Dolcini Kaloian Dupnitsa QQ1850
JULY 2023

In the city of Dupnitsa, we delivered and installed a CAD printer for drawings QQ HighSpeed 1850C with a media size of 1850 mm, 2 heads and a maximum print speed of 90 m2/hour. From DOLTCINI textile factory they chose this printerto quickly, efficiently and seamlessly print their pattern designs for the clothing and cycling gear they are known for worldwide!

JUNE 2023

In Pleven, Pernik, Varna and Panagyurishte, we delivered and installed cutting plotters with the SKYJET brand. We congratulate the colleagues from Testoware, Beta T, V service, GA schedule and Solakovi advertising for the excellent selection of machines from MR.PLOTTER. Their choice is not only the professional characteristics, such as 2000 g of pressure, WIFI connection with the computer, Touch screen, LED, but also our experience, knowledge and professionalism. 

MAY 2023

In Kostinbrod, we delivered and installed a NIKA 3040 CO2 laser with a working area of 300x400 mm (for a larger number of objects), a 40W power tube (for professional cutting and engraving), a red dot (for easy object positioning), lens blowing (for clear and focused beam and precise operation), with built-in lighting and a thermometer that shows the temperature of the tube (for proper functioning)!

APRIL 2023

In Ravadinovo, we installed a DTF system for printing on T-shirts. The system includes 4 important, related elements. The professional, DTF printer, which has media heating up to 40C (to prepare the film), vacuum (to properly guide the material), white ink circulation (to avoid deposits), self-cleaning over a period of several hours (for permanent, quality print), powder tray, oven and heat press.

MARCH 2023

In the city of Lom, in the workshop of the CAT TEXTILE sewing factory, we delivered the large-format QQ1850C high-speed printer for printing patterns, drawings and other graphic tasks. The printer with a working area width of 1900 mm and a speed of 160 m2/hour will replace external orders and give the company additional independence in their execution, as well as speed in their production!


In the city of Dupnitsa, we installed a SKYJET D48 cutting plotter in the workshop of the colleagues from the Advertising Agency "Piñata Play". This plotter, in addition to the 2000 g pressure, (which easily cuts cardboard), in addition to the built-in LED lighting, (which makes it easy to see the operation of the machine), in addition to the convenient Touch Screen Display, (which is like a modern SMART phone) has slots for 2 tools!


In the city of Tsarevo, we delivered and installed a SMART A4 UV printer, with an EPSON print head, CMYK and WW (2 channels of white ink)! Our colleague, mr. Stoyan Todorov immediately started fulfilling orders for personalized cases with the client's photos or by their request. The machine has self-cleaning, white ink circulation and automatic focus, all that a professional can ask for!


In Sofia, Pernik, Tsalapitsa, Kniazhevo, Voinegovtsi and Ravno Pole, we delivered, installed and trained the teams of companies that purchased SKYJET cutting plotters from MR.PLOTTER. This brand of machines with a rapidly growing popularity among colleagues has the unique 2000 g pressure, WIFI connection with the computer, REAL PHOTO camera for reading passers, LED lighting and TOUCH SCREEN!

IK03 – Копие.JPG

In the city of Kazanlak, we delivered and installed a SMART A4 UV printer, with an EPSON print head, CMYK and 2 channels of white! The colleagues from VRABI EOOD decided on this machine from MR.PLOTTER to produce plaques and other souvenir gifts from Plexiglas, canvas, glass, metal, leather, etc. materials only printable with the Korean flexible inks we provide to our customers.


In the village of Aydemir, we delivered and installed a large-format, eco-solvent printer LOCOR 1602 EasyJet, for printing on canvas, foil and vinyl. The printer has a printing area size of 1600 mm, high print resolution and a maximum speed of 15.9 m2 per hour. Fellow entrepreneurs at Tempera Art Design purchased this machine from MR.PLOTTER to produce paintings and other artworks.


In the city of Kazanlak, in the advertising agency Manchita EOOD, from the popular Facebook page PINK SHOP BG, white and dark cotton t-shirts are already printed directly with the latest model of DTG printers with the SMART brand from MR.PLOTTER. The printer has a 1.5 pl drop and high-quality printing with a maximum resolution of 5760x1440 dpi. It has built-in white ink circulation and self-cleaning head.


In Shumen, Burgas, Lyubimets, Montana and Sofia, we installed more machines with the SKYJET brand. The V and C models, the most popular plotters in BG, are already working in the Veloni, Printakar, Taylor Lab, Laser Arte, Neon Tech and Tsokov Reklama agencies. With their 2000 and 800 g pressure, WI FI connection to the computer and REAL PHOTO camera for contour cutting, SKYJET takes the leading position!

JULY 2022

At Rigel Fashion, Pazardzhik, we delivered and installed a SkyJet FB 6090 flat cutting plotter, with a working area of 600x900 mm, 2 heads, for cutting and drawing, as well as a crеasing tool. The machine has a camera for reading passers and cutting along a contour, with high speed and precision! We congratulate the manager, Mrs. Aneta Chukleva, who settled on this machine from MR.PLOTTER for faster and easier work.

JUNE 2022

In Ravda, Blagoevgrad, Dobrich, Varna, Razgrad and Sofia, we delivered and installed the most popular brand of cutting plotters in Bulgaria, SKYJET. Models V and C are already a great helper in the advertising activities like Freya Design, Katina BG, Veles, Enchanting Creations, Elite, etc., with its 2000 g and 800 g of pressure, WI-FI connection to the computer and REAL PHOTO camera for reading passers and contour cutting.

MAY 2022


In the production workshop and of RaLoNi EOOD Agency, from Novi Pazar, specializing in the production of gifts and souvenirs, we installed a UV printer, SMARTA4 for printing on souvenirs lighters, pens, wood, plexiglass, glass, metal, etc. This is the third machine from MR.PLOTTER, with which Mr. Hristo Nikolov and Mrs. Pepi Hristova, owners of the agency with the website are buying from us.

APRIL 2022

In Sofia, in the studio of STAMPI MLADOST, we installed the new DTF system for printing on T-shirts. The compact DTF printer, stove and press allow for 32x60 cm prints, and the finished prints on PVC film can be stored and transferred on request. Congratulations to Mr. Kordev for his good choice and entrepreneurship ideas!

NIKA JW1325 300W
MARCH 2022

We installed in the city of Veliko Tarnovo  the CO2 industrial laser machine NIKA JW1325, with a tube power of 300W and a size of the working area of 1300x2500 mm. The colleagues from B&B STANDARD will make trench tools with professional laser cutting, thus reducing the steps in the production process and increasing the speed!


At studio "R DESIGN", Nova Zagora, we installed a laser engraving NIKA 6040 with 60W tube, working area size 600x400 mm, move by Z-250 mm, red dot for easy positioning, compressor for blowing the lens, tray type honeycomb "and plug-in control for CorelDraw, the handy CorelLaser! Congratulations to Mr. Kostadinov for the excellent choice of machine from MR.PLOTTER.


Congratulations to Mr. Dimitar Petkov, the manager of AD HOLD, Varna for choosing the quality and fast laminator FY1600DA, with working area 1620 mm, roll thickness 160 mm, heating temperature up to 60C and compressor for pneumatic pressure regulation, which he bought from MR.PLOTTER for the needs of sign production in the country.


Colleague Ivo Spasov from Varna contacted us via FACEBOOK, ordered, paid and received the amazing NIKA 3040 laser engraving, with 40W tube, working area size 300x400 mm, with compressor for lens engagement and precise cut, red dot, built-in lighting and move along the Z of the honeycomb tray up to 20 cm. Congratulations to the colleague for his entrepreneurship!



In Sofia, in the advertising agency "" we delivered, installed and trained the team to work with a UV printer SMART A3 +. Congratulations to Iva and Teodor, the managers of the agency for their choice of this great printer that prints on all surfaces! The printer has a rotary device, EPSON print head, working area 280x420 mm, ink circulation and auto self-cleaning. Max. resolution is 5760x1440 dpi.


In the village of Brestovitsa, we delivered a CNC engraver 1325 T, with a working area of 1300x2500 mm, 7.5 KV spindle, vacuum table and  dust collector.  

Congratulations, Mr. Stefan Stefanov for the entrepreneurship and the excellent choice of a machine for processing wood, stone, granite, PVC and others. The experience that Mr. Stefanov has gained in the UK is the reason for his production activity, which will include the production of furniture and other various elements and products.



In the city of Veliko Tarnovo, in the store for GSM accessories and service "Mobi One" we installed a UV printer SMART A5. The owners, Alexander and Stiliyana Dimitrovi, chose this model of printer because of the high quality of printing and its excellent color rendering. As well as because of our new, flexible inks from Korea, with which the phone cases could bend freely without the ink "breaking" or falling off the surface!


In the town of Chirpan we installed a cutting plotter in the studio of the amazing designer Violeta Velcheva. The talented Bulgarian, who recently returned from the USA, is conquering the world market with her extremely attractive products. This is the second machine she buys from MR.PLOTTER. Her choice was based on the SKYJET V24, because of the WIFI connection, 2000 gr., The LED lighting, the touch screen display, as well as the camera for reading passers, when cutting contour stickers!

JULY 2021

In the city of Plovdiv, we installed for the first time in Bulgaria, the latest model UV printer SMART A5, specializing in phone cases! The MR.PLOTTER team congratulates my colleague Viktor Boshnakov for his entrepreneurship and for the excellent choice of machine. A printer that has photographic print quality, exceptional color reproduction, with CMYK and two WW channels (white), autofocus and ink circulation.

JUNE 2021

We delivered and installed SKYJET cutting plotters, with the best characteristics in its class, such as 2000g pressure, laser head, creasing and engraving functions, WIFI connection to a computer, built-in LED lighting, touch screen display and a camera which shows the passers on the screen of the machine. Proud owners of these machines are now some of our clients in Sofia, Pernik, Dupnitsa, Kubrat, Dobrich and Montana!

MAY 2021

This month, in Burgas we installed a printer for bags and souvenirs - SMART A4. The printer has CMYK and 2 channels of white ink, with high print resolution, excellent coverage and color reproduction! Autofocus and white ink circulation make the machine one of the most refined in this business.

Congratulations to the colleagues from one of the largest store chains in Bulgaria for GSM accessories, for their new purchase and their desire to help their customers by offering high quality and fast services!

APRIL 2021

We delivered the latest model DTG printer SMART A3 + in Burgas, with white ink circulation, autofocus and DX5 head, with 4 channels white. Colleagues in one of the largest sporting goods stores in Bulgaria will now be able to print colourful T-shirts, skateboards, canvas bags, towels and many more products with prints at the request of their customers!

Хари Аничкин, обучение за работа с Roland CAMM-1 GS-24
MARCH 2021

We trained our colleagues Slavi and Vanya (who are starting their advertising activity in Pernik), to work with the ROLAND GS-24, an excellent plotter purchased from MR.PLOTTER!

The machine has servo motors, media width of 710 mm, high precision, easy to operate software and light indication of the cutting head!

Congratulations to them for their entrepreneurship and for being brave enough to starting their online business in a crisis!


This month, in Byala, we installed a UV printer for direct printing of souvenirs - the Artis 2100U. The machine has a working area of ​​A4, stroke of Z - 50 mm, print speed - 4 minutes for A4 and a maximum resolution of 2880 dpi.

We congratulate the colleagues for their entrepreneurship and their desire to develop their online business, with the help of this great machine, with perfect colour rendering.


In the city of Sliven we installed a UV SMART A4 printer for direct printing on phone cases. FONTECH is a chain of stores selling GSM accessories. The manager, Mr. Stoyan Zhelyazkov, bought this printer from MR.PLOTTER to strengthen his position as a leader in the business in Sliven, by printing more unique, personalized products for his clients!


In the cities of Saedinenie, Sofia, Hissarya, Haskovo, Kardzhali, Blagoevgrad and Varna we installed SKYJET cutting plotters of the V24 and C16 models! The machines are unique with their 2000g pressure, their ability to cut, engrave and crease, and with the possibility of placing a laser head! They fashion a comfortable table, built-in LED lighting, TOUCH SCEEN display, REAL PHOTO CAMERA for reading passers, WIFI and easy to work software!


Violeta Chirpan Smart A3.jpg

In the town of Chirpan, in the designer Violeta Velcheva's studio (recently returned from Las Vegas) we installed a printer for direct printing of T-shirts - SMART A3 +, with a resolution of 1440x1440 dpi, 4 channels of white ink, circulation and auto focus.

Unique designer T-shirts, sneakers, jewelry, leather bracelets and decorative panels will be coming from the hands of this talented Bulgarian.


In the city of Pleven, in the plant for production and sale of aluminum windows, glazing and glass products IVET GLASS, we installed laser engraving CO2, Nika 1390, with a working area of ​​1300x900 mm, with a powerful 100W tube, RUIDA control, autofocus, bee tray pita "and stroke on Z 30 cm.

Congratulations to our colleagues Ivo Assenov and Borislava Assenova for their entrepreneurship and the high quality of their work!



In the Gorublyane district of Sofia, we installed the laser engraver NIKA 6090, with a professional chiller, model CW3000 for cooling the laser tube, with 80W power, a black dot, honeycomb tray, stroke Z - 300 mm, as well as a software plug-in for ColorDraw - Color Laser! We congratulate Mrs. Verginia Dimitrova for her entrepreneurial spirit and for growing her business and production, despite the conditions of crisis in Bulgaria.


In Botevgrad, we installed a laser engraver NIKA 1390S. Our colleagues from Mramor 555, Botevgrad were the first in Bulgaria to buy such a machine, so that they could engrave photos and inscriptions on granite slabs measuring to 1300 x 900 mm. This is the third machine that Mr. Ivaylo Krastev, manager of the company for design, manufacture and installation of tombstones and tombstones, buys from MR.PLOTTER!

CO2 лазер за гранит
SkyJet V48 в ЕНИГМА
JULY 2020

In the city of Varna we installed a SKYJET V48 cutting plotter in the office of the Bulgarian-Dutch advertising agency ENIGMA. The manager, Mr. Lachezar Lyutskanov, a designer with many years of experience in the field of exterior and interior advertising, bought this plotter from MR.PLOTTER because of its 2000g of pressure, engraving and creasing tool, touch screen display, built-in LED lighting and 1350 mm.

JUNE 2020

A NIKA3040 Laser started working in the town of Galabovo, in the Stara Zagora region. Gergana Stoeva, manager of the ARTSTYLE agency, picked this machine because it engraves bulky objects with a 20 cm stroke in Z, it can cut and engrave wood, chipboard, cardboard, leather, glass, foam, and more. The 40 W tube has 5,000 operating hours and the software is compatible with CorelDraw and Adobe.

ARTSTYLE Гълабово, Гери Стоева, NIKA3040, CO2 лазер
Artzona 01.jpg
MAY 2020

Despite the economic crisis, the colleagues from ARTZONA bought a NIKA 6090 laser engraver with an 80W tube, a honeycomb tray, a red dot for easy positioning, blowing the lens for precise focus, a Z stroke of up to 30 cm and a CW3000 chiller. Thanks to Svetlana, Ivan, Bobby, Marcella, Stella and everyone else on the team for having trust in us. This is the fourth machine that colleagues have from MR.PLOTTER.

APRIL 2020

Professionals from one of the most successful advertising companies, Graviko from Plovdiv, bought a SKYJET V48 cutting plotter with software code for a second computer station and a double creasing tool. Yavor and Bobby chose this machine because of its unique USB flash drive and camera for reading passers, which shows up on the touch screen display in real time.

Режещ плотер SKYJET V48
MARCH 2020

We thank Nedyalko Ivanov from Plovdiv, who, despite the situation of the pandemic and crisis in Bulgaria, bought for his company "Grozdanov Engineering" a SKYJET V24 cutting plotter from MR.PLOTTER. The plotter has a working area of 630 mm, 2000 g pressure, a Touch screen display, LED lighting, 5 clamps with 3 clamping positions and WIFI connection to a computer!


In the city of Plovdiv, our colleagues at the advertising house ART COMMERCE started working with the new SECABO (model TC2) German press, purchased and delivered by MR.PLOTTER. The working area of the machine is 330x230 mm., Size (A4), its max. heating temperature is 255C and the maximum pressure is 150g/cm2. The weight of TC2 is only 19kg.

Secabo TC2 Art Commerce.jpg

Another SkyJet cutting plotter was installed in Silistra. The model is V48, with 1350 mm. work area, with 5 clamps, with three levels of pressing, a camera, wifi connection, USB Flash, TouchScreen display, 2000g of pressure and built-in LED lighting. Our colleagues from Petya D.'s company boasted that despite the holidays, they managed to complete 370 tasks in 3 days, with the full load capacity.


A second laser engraving with model NIKA 6090, worked in the office of DOT POINT, in Sofia. Colleague Dushko Dragoshinov, manager of the advertising house, took again the same model of machine, from MR.PLOTTER, in order to increase the speed of his already quality production. "Cutting and engraving with this CO2 laser is a song!" he boasted. This is his 4th machine from us.

skyjet v24

The best-selling cutting plotter SKYJET V48, with a working area size of 1350 mm., Pressure up to 2000 g., Touch screen display, USB Flash memory, LED lighting, PHOTO camera for reading passers, wireless WIFI connection to the computer

and a speed of 960 mm / sec worked in the town of Berkovitsa. Colleagues will use the machine for billboards and cutting inscriptions on T-shirts.


Installation of laser engraving NIKA 2030D, in New Way Advertising Agency from Varna. A space machine that is worth every penny invested! "The Chinese have not spared quality in the materials for making the machine, which has many advantages over such machines!" - noted the colleague Zdravko Valchev, manager of the agency !.

NIKA 2030 D лазерен гравир CO2
Artis 2100U

UV printer for direct printing ARTIS 2100U, with a resolution of 1440x1440 dpi and a working area size of 180x330 mm. worked in a music company manufacturer of high quality audio products, speakers, amplifiers and more. Colleagues chose this model because of the two white channels it has, the reasonable price and the quality printing on all flat surfaces.


In the city of Pleven we installed a laser engraving NIKA 6040, for cutting and engraving wood, cardboard, plexiglass and other materials. Colleagues have a lot of creative ideas and will produce various own product items for Germany and other European countries. They needed a machine that worked quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Nia 6040
JULY 2019

Installation in "Krakra", Pernik. In another Bulgarian printing house a cutting plotter from MR.PLOTTER, with the brand SKYJET V24, started working. Managers Antonia and Yavor Milanovi took the machine because of its ability to cut cardboard and produce small box runs. The plotter has 2000 g of pressure, WIFI wireless connection and with the ability not only to cut foil and cardboard, but also to crease and engrave!

JUNE 2019

In the city of Ruse we installed the latest model of printing-cutting plotter JK 1600 PC, with EPSON DX5 head, eco solvent inks FUJI, photographic print resolution 1440x1440 dpi. The machine has a print surface size of 152 cm, high print speed and preheating of the media. For colleagues, this is a 5 machine that they buy from MR.PLOTTER.

Медия Лайф Груп, Пловдив
MAY 2019

A brand new printer for souvenirs, cases, pens, lighters and other surfaces has started working in Plovdiv, in the office of Advertising House Media Life Group! The manager, Mr. Yordan Vassilev increased his fleet with two machines from MR.PLOTTER, one of which is Artis 2100U. the printer has 6 channels - CMYKWW, with a print resolution of 1440x1440 dpi and a maximum object size of 22x31 cm (A4).

APRIL 2019

In Razgrad, c  POLYGRAPH printing house, with manager Kaloyan Enev we installed a new cutting plotter with the brand SkyJet - V48! The machine has a pressure of 2000 g, for easy cutting of thick foils and cardboard, WIFI connection to the computer, without  additional cable, with Touchscreen display and camera for contour cutting. This  is 5 machine that colleagues buy from us.

Печатница Полиграф от Разград
MARCH 2019

T-shirts with inscriptions and photos are already produced in Business Park Sofia. Colleague Petar Kordev and his partner bought from MR.PLOTTER a new cutting plotter SKYJET V24, with 2000 g of pressure, a camera for passers, WIFI connection and Touchscreen display, as well as a thermal press with the brand VAN3838. With this equipment, as well as a sublimation printer, colleagues successfully started their new business!


Mr. Todor Popov, from Dobrich, is one of our most loyal customers. He has 3 MR.PLOTTER machines purchased over the years. After the Graphtec cutting plotter, the HP9500 laser printer, Mr. Popov bought a UV printer for direct printing of ARTIS 2100U souvenirs and cases! The flatbed printer has two white channels for dark surfaces and prints practically everything!

Бастед Добрич

A printer for direct printing on T-shirts and other clothing with the ARTIS 3060T brand has started operating in the textile and clothing factory in the city of Varna. The printer has an A3 + work area, a speed of 6 minutes for printing A3 + size, CMYKWW color configuration, ArtisRIP 8.2.6 version and disperse inks. To the printer, Mrs. Gaikova, director of the plant, bought from us a VAN 3838 thermal press.


During this month we installed in the city of Pleven CO2 laser engraving NIKA 6040, in the production base of our colleague Petar Ivanov. The laser has a 60W tube, working area 60x40 cm, with a stroke of Z 30 cm, red dot, lens blowing and internal LED lighting! The machine works with COLOR LAZER software, compatible with COREL DRAW and others.

Delta Niw.jpg

One of the first advertising agencies in Haskovo, Delta Niv acquired two new machines for wide-format printing and lamination. The Roland VS640i printer, with a print width of 1600 mm, with additional winding systems for heating the material, as well as with the FY1600 laminator, with a compressor and up to 50 C heating of the shaft. The manager Mr. Nikolay Stoykov also owns a cutting plotter from us.


Installation of laser engraving NIKA 1490 BLUE, in advertising agency THG, Thessaloniki. The machine has a 130W tube, red dot, honeycomb, Z stroke, lens blowing, rotary attachment. USB Flash input and network interface. RUIDA control is one of the most professional and COREL LASER software one of the most convenient and compatible!

Italinea 01.jpg

A second printer with flexible inks for direct printing on mobile phone cases, tablet cases and other products was purchased from Italinea - the fastest growing company for trade in GSM accessories in Bulgaria. Apart from the city of Tarnovo, a printer with the brand Artis 2100 U has also started working in the city of Ruse. The manager Mr. Nayden Nikolov has the ambition to be number one on the market and he achieves it!


Laser engraving with the brand NIKA and model 6040 is the second machine that the colleagues from the advertising house "Degrafos" in Tarnovo buy from MR.PLOTTER. The manager, Mr. Nikolay Atanasov, chose this model because of the high resolution of and the speed of 30 meters per minute. The machine is equipped with a professional chiller, compressor and red dot.

Деграфос Търново_edited_edited.jpg
ARTIS 2100U УВ Принтер за кейсчета, UV printer, Itainea
JULY 2018

In the town of Svishtov, in the advertising house BRATOV REKLAMA we installed the newest cutting plotter SKYJET V48, with 2000 g pressure, WIFI connection, USB flash memory, LED lighting, Touch screen display, PHOTO camera for contour cutting, engraving tool and width of cutting up to 1350 mm. This is the second machine that colleagues buy from MR.PLOTTER!

JUNE 2018

The latest model of laser engravings with the brand NIKA has started working in the advertising house Color Point, in the city of Ruse. The model 4060 has a working area of 42x61 cm, 30 cm stroke Z, tube power 80W, honeycomb tray, compressor for blowing the lens against pollution, interior lighting, high speed and precision of cutting and engraving.

ARTIS 2100U УВ Принтер за кейсчета, UV printer, Itainea
MAY 2018

In the stores "Italinea" in Tarnovo, Ruse and Pleven you can now find new models of models of mobile phone cases, manufactured by the chain itself. The manager, Mr. Naiden Nikolov, a dynamic and extremely enterprising manager, fulfilled his dream by buying an ARTIS 2100U UV printer, with flexible inks and excellent color rendering!

APRIL 2018

Another satisfied customer with a wonderful laser from MR.PLOTTER! We installed Nika 6040, with 80w tube, honeycomb, active Z, compressor, red dot and rotation. The machine will be a great, practical tool for implementing all creative solutions created by the talented designer Mr. Alexander Sivriev, in his workshop in Plovdiv.

MARCH 2018

The colleagues from the advertising house MP Design, from the city of Plovdiv got the fast and high-tech printer for T-shirts BJ ARTIS 3000T. The printer has 8 channels, of which 4 for white and 4 for CMYK. There is convenient and easy-to-use ArtisRip software, with EPSON DX5 print head and photocells for automatic tray detection.


The newest cutting plotter, SKYJET V48 already works in the office of ARIT. The famous designer Dimitar Stoychev is attacking the world market with original, designer stickers, produced with high precision by his new machine. The plotter has a touch screen display, WIFI connection, Flash output, engraving tool and 2000 g of pressure.

V48 01S_edited.jpg

Laser engraving NIKA 3040 with 60W is the new machine of the photo studio "Photo Rock" in Student City. Colleagues Nedko and Andriana added this laser to their photo printers and their wide-format plotter to make attractive souvenirs from wood and other materials. The laser has a red dot, Z movement, and a honeycomb countertop.


In the advertising company KIT STUDIO, Sofia we installed the latest model of cutting plotter with the brand Graphtec. CE6000-120 Plus is a plotter with servo motors, photocells for media exploration, CCD camera for reading passers and contour cutting of strikers. "Extremely precise and fast machine!" - boasted the colleagues.


Colleagues from DOT POINT, Sofia got the new laser NIKA 6090 S CLASS! With its compact size, easy-to-use software (Corel Laser) and high precision cutting and engraving, the NIKA 6090 is an indispensable assistant. The machine has a 30 cm stroke in Z, a red dot for precise positioning, a honeycomb, air cooling of the beam, etc.


Press Product Line is the company where we installed the latest model of cutting plotters Roland, GR640! Colleagues bought this marvel of technology, because of the width of the media, from 1802 mm and the ability to cut along the contour outside the specified passers. Its precision is unique with fur. res. from 0.0005mm.


Nika 1490 is the new laser engraving in the agency Creative Idea Group, from Ruse. Colleagues Eli Simeonova and Milen Dilyanov took this machine from us because of the high speed and precision. With the new golden head, American mirrors, 130W laser tube, professional chiller, red dot and removable top, Nika is the perfect helper!


Mr. Nikolay Atanasov from the advertising agency "Degrafos", Veliko Tarnovo bought from us a wide-format laminator DA1600 in order to successfully laminate the materials printed with the new latex printer. The colleague has focused his activities on outdoor and transport advertising, a strategy prompted by his many years of experience.

JULY 2017

Professional model laser engraver Nika 6090 worked in "Vikmar Art", Varna. The manager, Miroslav Mirchev is a master of unique items, souvenirs and products made of wood, MDF, beer cardboard and other decoupage materials. "To my mechanical engraving, the laser is a necessary addition!" he claims.

June 2017

In Real Vision Advertising Agency in Sofia, we installed the latest model of the I-mark system for cutting sheet foil along the contour. Graphtec cutting plotter, model CE6000-40 and the latest fan blower are used. "We'll cut printed labels conveniently and quickly!" - said Vasil and Metodi, managers of the agency.

May 2017

Image Print Club is a professional photo workshop that has been making photo albums and printing photos of exceptional quality on the Bulgarian market for more than ten years. To engrave the wooden and plexiglass boxes they offer, colleagues bought the latest model of the Nika 3040 laser engraving.

April 2017

A second printer for printing on souvenirs with the brand ArtisJet 2100U, from MR.PLOTTER has started operating in Razgrad. The colleagues from the company "Expressprint" took this machine to serve their customers in the city and the region with quality and speed. The printer has a working area of A4, with a high photographic resolution - 1440 dpi and UV inks with white.

March 2017

Inventiv Studio, Varna is a professional design studio specializing in creating creative and conceptual communication solutions. "Souvenirs are a preferred tool for reminder advertising. Together with them we offer projects for their vision. We will make them with a Nika 2030 laser." - shared Zhivko Manev.

February 2017


The manager of one of the largest billboard printers in Bulgaria - BeColor, Mr. Kostadin Kutryanov bought his eighth machine from MR.PLOTTER. After 2 three-meter printers, 1 eco-solvent, 2 laminators, a trimmer and a laser printer a3 +, the colleague stopped at the Thermal press for T-shirts and for sublimation printing.
January 2017

We installed a wide-format cutting-printing Roland VS 300i, with the possibility of printing with magenta, cyan and black lights or in a configuration with white and silver metallic in the Riton Advertising Agency in Varna. Colleagues print extremely precise and high-quality colored stickers, which are then varnished.

December 2016


Brotherjet Artis 3000U is the new printer in the fastest growing advertising house in Haskovo - Studio "Unico"! The manager, Mr. Georgi Petrov visited our stand at the exhibition Copi's 2016 and stopped at this printer with a working area A3 +, with white color and varnish, with a maximum height of 17 cm. With it, colleagues will print notebooks, souvenirs and more.
November 2016

The IT Directorate of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria is already printing the drawings for the reconstruction of its administrative building with a wide-format plotter, model HP T730. The printer prints with a width of A0, as it is loaded with cartridges of 300 ml, and the warranty of the machine is three years.

October 2016


Laser engraving NIKA 4030 with movable top, red dot, lighting, powerful 40W tube, back cover for engraving without limitation in length, rotary attachment and futuristic design worked in the office of PC ART, Tryavna. The designer Pavlina Tsaneva also bought a printer with solid ink Xerox ColorQUBE 8580 from MR.PLOTTER.
September 2016

The first ARTIS 2100 U souvenir printer started operating at full speed in Sitona Group from Razgrad. Manager Atanaska Petrova and her son Kaloyan relied on this model of UV LED printer to meet the expectations and orders of their customers for souvenirs, phone cases and other promotional products.

August 2016


The first textile printer with the brand BrotherJet Artis 3000T in Burgas was installed by our team in the Advertising Agency "Creative Muse". This printer enables the designer Mario Ivanov to realize in practice his unique "vintage" projects for T-shirts with high quality and durability of the print!
July 2016

Dimitar and Daniela from Dimi 91 Agency became owners of a cutting plotter JK1350 from MR.PLOTTER. With it, colleagues will cut foil for sandblasting and will produce inscriptions on stone and marble. "With this purchase we save a lot of time and nerves!" Mitko boasted.

June 2016


MALL ONLINE, from Plovdiv, bought from MR.PLOTTER the latest printer for direct printing on BrotherJet ARTIS 3000T T-shirts, with white color for printing on black fabric. The printer has a working area of 329x600 mm and its speed is 3 minutes for A4 size. It has a high durability of the seal, withstands repeated washing.
May 2016

MILLENNIUM 15, with manager Venelina Vladova is the new funeral services agency, which bought a cutting plotter from MR.PLOTTER. JK721 cuts the acid foil for the production of inscriptions on granite slabs, because it has a pressure of up to 800 g, micro stepper motors for high precision and a width of 720 mm.

April 2016


The National Military History Museum in Sofia is making a panel for its new exhibitions with a Roland SJ 645EX, a full-color wide-format printer from MR.PLOTTER. The printer prints on vinyl, foil and textiles with high photo-realistic quality and excellent color reproduction.
March 2016

MR.PLOTTER installs in the largest mall in Sofia - Mall Paradise, printing-cutting plotter Uniform Cadet Plus 1400 and wide-format cold laminator BU 1600 E. The two machines, together allow colleagues to meet a wide range of challenges.

February 2016

Colleagues from the Orchid ER advertising house bought a Roland VS540i printing and cutting plotter from MR.PLOTTER for their new business building in Plovdiv. The printer comes with the new Eco-Sol MAX3 inks, and managers Zhivko and Antoinette are impressed that the printer prints in white on colored surfaces.
January 2016

The first in Bulgaria Artis 3000 UV printer, with the BrotherJet brand, we installed in Studio 3, Plovdiv. Colleague Martin Karaivanov supplemented his base of screen, flexo, pad, digital and direct printing with the latest global innovation.

December 2015


The owner of Dog Visa, the largest copy studio in Plovdiv, bought a Canon IPF7400 wide-format printer with 12 colors from MR.PLOTTER. Mr. Mihail Dobrev was satisfied with the quality of the print on the canvas and other specialized photographic media.
November 2015

Simeon (Moni) Halachev and Raya Ivanova added a laser engraving Nika 2030B, as the fourth machine from MR.PLOTTER, in their renovated office - gallery on St. Naum in Sofia. Colleagues have a cutting plotter, a laser printer, and a small hot laminator from us.

October 2015


In the office of the advertising agency Largo City, Dobrich, the newest model of a Japanese cutting plotter with the Roland brand, GS24 CAMM-1, started operating. The manager, Mr. Ivan Ivanov shared that he is extremely pleased with the precision, speed and quiet operation of the machine.
September 2015

The company "Image Print & Outdoor", from Sofia, bought the fastest cutting - printing plotter in the world, Roland SolJet Pro4 XR640. Colleagues took advantage of our promotion for the month of September and took their sixth machine from MR.PLOTTER!

August 2015


In the factory of the company "Fox - granite and marble" they make kitchens, bar counters and fireplaces. Colleagues took advantage of our promotion, since August, they are already working with a cutting plotter JK 1101. They make inscriptions on granite, cutting foil for sandblasting and more.
July 2015

IechoTech MK1209, a flat cutting plotter started working in the factory for fishing products of Mr. Ivan Mochkov, from Nova Zagora. The plotter will cut plastic for pvc packaging, paper and cardboard. The machine cuts and creases in one task!

June 2015


Polygraph company, Razgrad got a new cutting plotter JK 721, with a red dot for contour cutting. This is the fourth machine that the manager Kaloyan Enev and his colleagues take from us. The JK 721 plotter has micro-stepper motors, USB, 500 g pressure and display.
May 2015

We installed Roland VS540i, in the VK agency, together with a laminator, a cutting plotter and a thermal press for T-shirts . Colleagues chose the silver and white version and work with the highest quality original Roland inks - MAX2 Ecosol ink.

April 2015


The new model of UV printers - JK A3 Mini UV LED is the excellent new acquisition for Chimera bookstores in Kyustendil. Colleagues, who also have a wide-format print, plotter and printing machine, were extremely pleased with the white and lacquer printing of this model.
March 2015

In Simex, Sofia, the first in Bulgaria Chinese eco printing-cutting plotter with the brand JK1600PC is already printing. The printer works with cheap eco-solvent inks with a resolution of 1440 dpi. Its speed is 15 square meters per hour, and contour cutting is precise and easy to adjust.

February 2015


In Reklamno Studio 3, in the city of Plovdiv we installed a printer for direct printing JK 1390. With the inks supplied by us, my colleague Martin Karaivanov now prints easily, quickly and efficiently on leather, textiles, plexiglass, pvc boards, metal, plastic, aluminum and others souvenirs for the industry.
January 2015

Dot Point Advertising Agency from Sofia is known on the Bulgarian market for its unique, original souvenirs and professional work. The manager, Dushko Dragoshinov, bought from us the latest model JK720, with a red dot and USB 2.0.

December 2014


Graphtec Cameo is Ina's new acquisition from Terig. The agency sells T-shirts with inscriptions and photos, own production. In the shopping center of Ovcha Kupel, where the store of the company is, inscriptions and emblems are already cut out, which the customers can choose or offer themselves.
November 2014

The advertising studio "GF1" Ltd., Sofia, bought from "Mr. Plotter BG" a cold, electric laminator for lamination of roll and hard surfaces. The machine has a size of 1600 mm, shaft thickness 13 cm and the possibility of automatic process.

October 2014


JK 721 is the new acquisition of the advertising agency PI and Co. The plotter has 800 g of pressure, with a USB port and a red dot for cutting stickers and pre-printed contour inscriptions. "For me, this combination with the printer is appropriate!" - commented the manager, Emanuela.
August 2014

Triple Design Ltd. is an advertising house created by famous professionals who worked in established advertising companies and decided to enter the market on their own with the best machines, one of them being Graphtec CE5000-60, the most popular and bought plotter in the world!

July 2014


The first Chinese cutting plotter of 1350 mm and servo motors, in Bulgaria, started working in the Advertising Agency RAITZ2. The plotter has a size of 1350 mm on the working field, 500 g maximum pressure and 800 mm / sec maximum speed.
June 2014

JK 1900 UV LED printer started working in AV Design Studio, Sofia. The machine has UV inks, which are fixed by a UV lamp, the maximum print size is 329 x 600 mm. The printer prints on any materials directly.

May 2014


In the bookstores of my colleague Radoslav Shashev from the town of Sopot, you can find cards, stickers and other products, which are cut on the flat cutting plotter Iechotech MK1209, which we installed in the office of his advertising agency this month.
April 2014

In the city of Sofia we installed the latest model of mechanical engravings Suda MK1218, with 1.5 KV spindle, with the new DSP Professional control, TYPE 3 software, with a convenient and easy to operate interface, precision screw-ball drive, made in Germany.
March 2014


One of the cult ROCK photographers in Bulgaria, Stoyan Grebenarov equips his photo studio "Ralitsa" (Sofia, 19 Madrid Blvd., with a new cutting plotter brand JK, model 1101. With this precise machine he already offers advertising foil inscriptions and stickers for their customers.
February 2014

Inter Agri, one of the largest companies, importers of agricultural machinery in Bulgaria, is equipped with a plotter for cutting inscriptions from foil JK1101, by Mr. Plotter BG. The plotter has a red dot!
January 2014


In "TEA 3", Sofia  already cut the printed materials, along the contour, with the high-precision cutting plotter Graphtec CE5000-120. "We chose this model because it is the most common in Europe, and we are very pleased with the SUDA engraving we have from Mr. Plotter BG!" - shared colleagues.

The Sofia office of Signum SGN was equipped with a mini engraver Autograv III, with a working area of 390 x 380 x 90mm . The machine is German, with spindle brand Kress 1050W, 10,000-32,000 rpm. and 3 bipolar stepper motors - 4A.
September 2013


The JK1351 cutting plotter is already working in the Office 1 store in Nadezhda. Colleagues are very happy with the machine and can  fulfill orders for cutting foil. So far, the chain has purchased from MR Plotter  - mechanical  engraving Creation, HP printers  and Graphtec cutting plotters.

Design studio "PUZZLE" from Vratsa ordered a printer for T-shirts CALCA. The printer has an A3 print size and 6 colors.
"A great addition to my cutting plotter from England and my wide-format printer MUTOH!" - commented Vladimir Dimitrov, CEO of the company.
July 2013


In "Graphic Design", Sliven earned a cutting plotter with the brand JK1351. "I'm doing great and I hope it will be so in the future. Simple and accessible to all easy equipment. I tried it on any kind of material (mainly foils) and it worked flawlessly!" - the manager - Vladimir Georgiev wrote to us in the first days.
JUNE 2013

We helped our colleagues from the company "Pak Design", Haskovo with the choice of a laser cutting and engraving machine. The power of the laser and CO2 tube is up to 100 W. The dimensions of the working area are 1200 x 900 mm. "Wonderful machine! For 1 week it pays off twice." they commented.
MAY 2013


Mega Print from Dimitrovgrad, bought a fourth machine from Mr. Plotter BG. "The laser engraving SHJ 1409 is perfect both for engraving and for cutting a large set of materials - PVC panels, wood, Plexiglas, souvenirs, etc.," says the owner Danail Rusev.
APRIL 2013

Diana Kalinova and Lyubomir Kalinov, from the company Diana Art Studio bought OM70 cutting plotter. The plotter is Korean, with high speed, high precision, 4 MB buffer, servo motor and working area 730 mm. The plotter has a stand and a serial port.
MARCH 2013