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Get ready to print t-shirts with the new DTF (Direct To Folio) technology! The new SMART DTF A3 1400 printer is a reliable and easy-to-use machine. The price is only EUR 3400 without VAT, with heat press included, 100m roll, CMYKW ink set, powder pack, AcroRip 9 software and the much needed oven (DTF Oven). The printer prints with photographic quality and a resolution of 1440x1440 dpi, the speed is 4 min for A3 and it heats the media up to 40C for better absorbs the ink, vacuum for good adhesion of the material, ink circulation and self-cleaning. The machine prints on a roll, which allows for greater efficiency and less waste of material. The durability of the inks on the material is excellent and the fine layer of ink can be adjusted with the software from 0-200%.

MARIN DTF 05.jpg
MARIN DTF 04.jpg
DTF 02.jpg
DTF 04.jpg
MARIN DTF 02.jpg
MARIN DTF 06.jpg
MARIN DTF 01.jpg
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