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Furniture factory "RudiAn"
with new CNC, VG1313 model
 "RudiAn" with a new SUDA VG1313
LK1325 With water cooling at "Marconi", Silistra

Lidar LD6040

at Top Choice, Varna

"Dimat Omega Furniture" with a new trimmer!     

"Mushikov & Co." with stained glass Creation CT1200
RA "Diplomat Plaza" with Graphtec CE5000-60

"Rudi-An" was created in 1994 with its main aim to manufacture and sell upholstered furniture. As the years went by, the company established itself as a leader in the furniture manufacturing business, with their own unique style, and functionality.

In May of 2006, Mr. Radoslav Hristov, the founder of the brand, bought the Chinese DIKA cutting plotter from "Mr. Plotter", which aided him in modernising some of the manufacturing processes!

In March of 2007, their production moved to a new, modern fabric, upholding all European quality standards. This led to more comfortable working conditions and increased the quality of their products, while simultaneously reducing production time. This meant the business was in need of more machines!

Exactly a year later, in March of 2008, in the new "Rudi-An" factory, a new Japanese Graphtec CE5000-120 cutting plotter and a wide format Graphtec CS500 scanner started working! "Mr. Plotter" delivered and installed both machines with the help of our Varna office staff.

Today, manufacturing at furnishing house "Rudi-An" is possible because of their new, modern machines, some of which are fully robotic! The last device to enter their business (for now) is the CNC SUDA Vanguard 1313 wood engraver.

Our friends at "Rudi-An" chose this machine because of its powerful motor and spindle - 3KB, its comfortable construction, its additional waste-material absorption system, its professional TYPE 3 French software, and, of course, because of our excellent maintenance services!

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