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Режещи плотери Graphtec Silhouette Cameo

The new generation Roland CAMM-1 GR plotter offers models with cutting widths of 1600 mm, 1400 mm and 1000 mm, with various functions.

The fastest cutting speed in its class - 1,485 mm per second, electronically controlled pressure rollers, 600 g cutting pressure, an experimental system for recognising passers and contour cutting.

Режещи плотери Graphtec CE6000

A new professional model cutting plotter was created by Roland. CAMM-1 PRO has the high precision and speed typical of the most powerful servo motors in the industry. Contour-cutting has never been easier with the "heavy mode" feature, which ensures perfect results, even when working with thick or abrasive media.

Режещи плотери Graphtec FC8000

CAMM-1 Servo with digital control, servo motors, Prompt and reliability that make this model the most profitable plotter with which you can cut your projects. Just connect it to the USB cable and you're ready to go. New features for deeper cutting, higher pressure, speed and incredible precision make any task easy!

Режещи плотери Graphtec Silhouette Cameo

STIKA is a compact and easy-to-use desktop plotter for work at home, school or office. Everything you need to get started right away is there. USB 2.0 interface and the CutStudio design software easily connect to your desktop computer. There is a photosensor for passers and "selection" for larger images.

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