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Ламинатор KALA

"KALA" is a French company offering hot and cold temperature laminators, certified by APAVE, CE (Certified Europe), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and others. Since 2003, the company has upheld a stable leading position in the market of finishing machines, owning a wide range of products in different price ranges.

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Ламинатор FY 1600 DA

"FY 1600 DA" is a brand of laminators, successors to CHALLENGER machines, in the next, higher class. The machines have automatic drive, pneumatic pressing of the media, with thick shafts for quality lamination, with a media width of 1620 mm and 60C heating of the upper shaft. The maximum thickness of lamination is 35 cm.

Ламинатори Challenger

The laminators with the Chinese brand CHALLENGER are one of the strongest laminating machines in the world. They have thick shafts of 13 cm, which allow quality compression of the media. The settings and movement are controlled either manually or automatically by a convenient pedal, to enable easy work.

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