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Режещ плотер V48 от MR. PLOTER
Режещ плотер C24 от MR. PLOTER
Режещ плотер D24 от MR. PLOTER
Режещи плотери Roland

SKYJET model V24 and V48, are real representatives of the latest innovations in the technology of cutting plotters with 2000 g pressure, wireless WI-FI connection, TOUCH SCREEN display, input for USB flash memory, LED built-in lighting, PHOTO camera for reading passers and contour cutting.


The SKYJET cutting plotters from the C series models - C10, C16 and C24 have 800 grams of pressure, wireless  WI-FI connection, TOUCH SCREEN display and USB flash memory. It also has LED built-in lighting, as well as a PHOTO camera with 2 foil and cardboard knives.


The cutting plotters SKYJET D models with 2 heads - D24 and D48 have 2000 grams of pressure, WI-FI wireless connection, TOUCH SCREEN display and USB flash memory. They also have LED built-in lighting, as well as a PHOTO camera, with an option for trays and a stand. They crease and engrave.

The Japanese Roland cutting plotters are a modern classic in the exterior advertising sphere. Their contour cutting system is completely compatible with those of all other Roland printers. They also have a useful and multifunctional plug-in option with incredible processing and preparation functions.
Secabo CIV.jpg

Secabo cutting plotters are professional and stable machines, offering 3 models - C30IV, C60IV and C120IV. The quality of cutting has been improved, as well as the higher reliability and precision of work in almost all professional fields of advertising technology.

Режещи плотери JK
The practical JK cutting plotter is fairly new on the world market. It has everything any advertising manufacturer could ask for. All four versions of this machine are provided with a stand, a cover, a USB port and have excellent work characteristics. They operate with the ArtCut software.
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