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УВ принтер SkyJet Flatmaster

The FLATMASTER printer prints on flat materials, with white, CMYK and lacquer. Print resolution is 1440 dpi. The newest model is designed to meet the need for very high speed, quality and high functionality.

UV SMART A3 .jpg
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UV принтер Skyjet Flatmaster R

The FLATMASTER R model prints on roll and flat materials, with white, CMYK and varnish. It has a high resolution of 1440 dpi.

The printer can print with additional colors, such as Lc and Lm, and the color rendering is on the CALDERA software.

UV принтер Skyjet Glassmaster

The "Glassmaster" printer is designed for printing on glass, ceramic materials, stone, wood and more. The only difference with the "Flatmaster" is the table, which instead of a vacuum, has a countertop and a special system for moving heavy materials.

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