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Ламинатори Kala

STARTER laminators are very easy to use, ideal for small and medium businesses. They are the only model at a reasonable price with a system for precise and professional media management. They have a new indicator of compressive strength and are perfect for laminating panels up to 50 mm, as well as for lamination

Ламинатори Challenger

BALTIC laminators are electronically controlled, preventing any mechanical damage and reducing operator errors. The control panel is easy to use, shows the speed and strength of pressure; adjusts the height of the material and the pressure of the rollers, etc. At an affordable price, BALTIC are the perfect choice for you.

Ламинатори Neolt

MISTRAL laminators are one of the best in this price range. Cold laminators with heating of the upper roll (from 30 ° С to 60 ° С). Ideal machines for the most demanding colleagues, in terms of quality and performance. One-sided lamination with or without waste paper, as well as double-sided foil lamination.

Ламинатори Kala

ATLANTIC laminators offer cold and warm lamination with perfect

results. Available in 2 widths 1600 mm and 1080 mm. The heating control system is electronically controlled by infrared sensors and allows you to select the temperatures of the upper and lower roller for different finishing solutions.

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