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УВ принтери Roland UV LEC

The LEF-300 is the newest and largest in the Versa UV LEF series for color and direct printing on a wide range of materials, including 3D objects up to 10 cm of thickness. It has 4 printheads and two UV LED lamps.

УВ принтер Roland UV LEJ 640
The Hybrid LEJ 640 prints on rollers and planes. The dimensions of the materials can have a  width of 250mm to 1625mm and a height of 13mm. The printer operates with a patented system for automatic circulation of ink. It uses CMYK, whites and polish.
УВ принтер Roland UV LEF 12

The LEF 12 and 20 desktop printers allow direct printing with UV LED technology on all types of materials, souvenirs and 3D objects. The machine prints in white and has a transparent matte or glossy roofing ink for additional effects.

УВ принтери Roland UV LEC
The LEC UV cutting and printing machines are a great choice for sticker printing,  because of their precise contour cutting. These machines can be found in 3 different models and 2 sizes. They can print on metallic materials and polyester with whites and polish.
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