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Печатащо-режещ принтер Roland BN20
The world's first 500mm ecosolvent printing and cutting machine with Metallic Silver and white, in addition to the new Roland inks! Suitable for the office or for factory produce. It prints with 1440dpi, and cuts precisely along the set contours. Has an easy to use, constantly improving software.
Печатащо-режещи принтер Roland Versa Camm SP
The SP cutting and printing model has the biggest market interest. It works with ecosolvent and solvent, with a possibility for a refill system and low print value. It uses CMYK and has precise contour cutting. It operates with an Intelligent Pass Control system of 140 or 170cm.
Принтери Roland Versa Art RE

A reasonable investment for a professional printer with solvent inks and a possible refill system. Size of 1600 mm on the working area, print speed of 48 sq.m/hour. 2 sets of CMYK inks and Intelligent Pass Control ™, for high quality.

Принтери Roland Versa Camm VS

New printing technology in this Roland printing-cutting VS model. 8 colors, includes silver and white. 3 sizes, from 730 mm, to 1600 mm. The new system of   Roland - Intelligent Pass Control for high quality printing. Speed contour cutting of 30cm/s.

Принтери Roland SolJet PRO 4
The SolJet XR 640 printing and cutting machine prints with a 49.1sq.m/h speed. It operates with a new generation of heads, with 7 different drop sizes. This printer can produce a light black colour, as well as white and Metallic Silver. Its cutting speed is 60cm/sec.
Принтери Roland Versa Camm VS

The new Roland model, with 2 new generation heads, with maximum speed of  102 sq.m./hour, Pro 4 has a 20% lower ink consumption than all other models, 2 x CMYK, and a possibility for continuous printing with exhausted cartridges. Design worldwide.

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